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Book Trading

Prices: 50% Cover Price
Or Trade: 1 for 1 + 25% Cover



Normally books are sold for 50% cover price.

For example: If a book had a cover price of $8.00 your cost would be 50% (half-price) or $4.00.

50% of $8.00 = $4.00

Now, if you bring a book to trade-in then you only have to pay 25% of the cover price of the book you want to buy.

So if the book you want had a cover price of $8.00 then you would be charged 25% of the cover price or $2.00.

25% of $8.00 = $2.00



If I trade in 2 (or 3 or 4) books  can I get a book for free?

Sorry. As a business I must generate revenue (money) in order to pay my bills and support myself. So 25% of the cover price is always charged on all books taken out.


What if I want to trade in a lot of books at once (for example 100 books) but I only want to take out 1 or 2 books?

You will still be charged 25% of the cover price of the books you take out but the other "99 books" will be credited to a file account in your name. So when you return to the bookstore in the future you can buy up to "99 books" at the reduced rate (25% of cover price).


How long are the file accounts kept for?

5 years from the date of the last transaction. So every time you buy or trade a book the date is recorded and I know the account is still "active" and will keep the account on file.


Do I have to trade like--for--like books? For example: "Westerns for Westerns" or "Romance for Romance"?

No. Once you have trade credit it is good for any other book in the store with only two exceptions.

What are the exceptions?

The $1.00 books on the outside tables and the new release hardback fiction with the "Post--It Note" price tags.


Do you accept ANY BOOK as a trade-in?

No. I can only give trade credit for books I can put inside the store and resell for a profit. So books which are damaged, out-of-date or overstocked may be refused as trade-ins.

How will I know what to bring?

Just bring a bag or two of books and let me look through it. When given a selection I can almost always find something good.

Can I leave the books you don't want as a donation?

Yes, I always accept any book as a donation. They are usually used to stock my $1.00 tables and are recycled back into the book community.


Can I trade back in books I bought previously from your store?

Absolutely! I almost always take back books bought at the store. Just keep bringing back books you bought on your last visit and you can keep on trading forever.


I am moving away. Can I give my remaining book credit to a friend?

Yes. Just call or drop by the store and I will transfer the book credit to any name you like.



Pennywise Books
1331 Garnet Ave.
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Established: 1982

(858) 270 - 1640


10:00 - 5:00
Closed Sundays
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Prices: 50% Cover Price
Or Trade: 1 for 1 + 25% Cover

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